Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Gail!
Now, this blog is somewhat picture-intensive (as I am somewhat picture-intensive), but I love almost all pictures of my Gail, from little to big, and so I will be posting MORE picture than usual.
My sister Gail is going to be somebody's mother, which is completely weird and completely cool. I like being an aunt. I'm good at being an aunt. Gail is going to be great at being a mom (and Joe will be a great dad).
I spend a lot of time with my Gail, which is why I have so many pictures of her. She'll tell you she's shy, and she is, but she's also a ham. She totally can't help it. Every single person in my family is a ham. My brothers' kids are all hams. It is part of being a Meagher. It is part of our charm.
For anyone who doesn't know my sister, I will tell you these things (pictures may or may not be related to Gail-facts):
1) She sings wonderful harmony, and has a high quality musical ear.
2) Her favorite song is Zippity Doo Dah.
3) She is brilliant, but her best skills lie in her ability to do gigantic tasks that no one else can even forsee completing.
4) She is very pretty, but will wear some terribly terrible clothes if they are comfortable and/or warm. It is baffling, and yet it is what it is.
5) She is very funny. One of the funniest people I know.
6) She is very kind.
7) When we were kids, she was scared of most animals. Now, though she is not necessarily fond of animals, they flock to her like she's Dr. Doolittle. Seriously. If you have a meanie cat or a standoffish dog, they'll follow Gail around and she'll just ignore them. It's totally weird. Like she was touched by God or something.
8) She wants your food. Not all of it. Just some to try. But if it's yours, and you look happy eating it, she'll want to try it. So if you don't like to share, look a little miserable while eating.
9) She loves birthdays! She loves presents! A bracelet out of the vending machine is as beautiful as a new pair of shoes...she just loves to get presents. Joe understands this about her.
10) Gail and Joe are happy together, and that makes me happy together with them. Yes, I am their third wheel. But I like it. We're a tricycle!
11)If you call her a fishwife, you are in trouble! She will correct you! "I am a shrew."
12) She likes to fix your problems.
13) She is the boss. She is the boss of me. She is the boss of Joe. And guess what? She's the boss of you! You just don't know it. You'd fight it if you knew. But you don't. And she's still the boss of you.
14) She can be very mean, and I like that a lot. We are mean together, against the world--hardly ever mean against each other.
15) She's my favorite person in the whole wide world.


The Boss of You All said...

This is the bestest blog entry ever. And I'm not just saying that because it's about me although that plays a large part. I sure am lucky to have such an incredible sister. Thanks Feath!!!

kathyc said...

What an incredibly terrific entry - and she is an incredible cousin as well. But that boss of everyone thing??? I never noticed that with me - I'll have to think on that.......

The Exception to the rule said...

My favorite part is how "You're" is spelled "Your" in the picture from Mazzie's 40th birthday party.

I have too many Chiefs in my life and not enough Indians.

Kate said...

I loved your blog!!!!!
You're so funny :)

Bossy Bits said...

Kathy's right...I'm probably not the boss of her...she runs her life pretty well- she doesn't need me telling her what to do...but mostly everybody else does...

feathermar said...

Kathy, I assure you...her power is far reaching...