Monday, September 24, 2012

In Which We have a PlayDate

On Saturday, I went to Gail's and we had a playdate! And I brought my camera, because Baby Joe has been totally gyped in the picture department!

Here he is! He is a very smiley baby!

Quinn directed this part of the photo time. He didn't want to sit on Gail's lap, said "No", so we figured it was over. Then he moved and sat next to Baby Joey on the other side and started smiling! He had his own ideas about what would make a great picture of his brothers!

We played outside!

James picked me flowers.
Our morning was super fun, and I just love the stuffing out of these guys!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gearing Up for a SHOW!

I will be selling at a show this Sunday with real live antique-y people, and I'm super psyched! I think I'll be able to unload some stuff I haven't looked forward to posting, because it will be heavy to ship. Because I have to get inventory priced and packed up, I only went to a couple of tiny estate sales on Saturday morning, and tried to get through a long list of to-do's.
I dyed this bag:
When I bought it, I could tell it was really well-made. It had no tags, but the crochet and all the seams were tight, and it was stained and discolored with age. There weren't any rips or anything. So I got out my big giant dying pot, and bought some navy dye. Besides the bag, I threw in a white (ish) tshirt, tank, and one of my husband's white (ish) tees, figuring we'd be no worse off if it didn't work out. Everything came out great, including this bag, which I will be showing off at the show this weekend!

I bought this giant light, specifically with the show in mind. I'd never buy this normally, it's too big and I'm not really into craigslist or people coming to pick things up...but it's awesome. It's like, a foot and a half tall! The inside cylinder is glass, and the outside is metal. Sprayed a hot color? Awesome!

I also bought this little lamp, also only because I have the show. I do like it though, and if it doesn't sell, perhaps I'll have a new bedside lamp!
I also bought some cheap frames to spray paint, because it is my favorite. As my anniversary gift, I got a couple of new colors (I have an array already!), and I certainly like that more than jewelry or flowers!

Monday, September 17, 2012

One Year Ago Today

Andy and I got married!
And it was awesome. I made a lot of the decorations, including the bouquets for Gail and I (well, to be truthful, Gail put them together fully, and many of the guest contributed vintage brooches and earrings for the bouquets!)

And there was a FLASHMOB! Set to Michael Jackson's THRILLER!
And that was amazing!!!
And it was at a biergarten with awesome beers and brat burgers on soft pretzel rolls and cupcakes and dancing and, most of all, I got to marry Andrew!
Most of these images are courtesy of D. Hendricks Photography

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Favorite Find of ALL TIME!

IMG_7614, originally uploaded by feathermar.

Oh, my. What's this? It's my NEEDLEPOINT MONA LISA! Someone made her, and bound her and framed her! She is amazing!
One of the women I was with in Brimfield couldn't understand how awesome this was, and thought I was being funny or joking or something.
But I wasn't.

And there were some people who were jealous.
And it's okay if you're one of them.
This is one of those things that I just can't sell. It's too awesome. too too too AWESOME.

Monday, September 10, 2012

In Which We go To Brimfield

We've gone before, and we'll go again, but never with a tornado looming (just the warning, though, but still scary and a little sad to think of all of those tents, full of treasures). Brimfield is not a place for great deals (not like garage sale-y deals) but it is a place to see everything there is to see! We always learn a lot, and ask people about things that they are selling that we've seen before. It's a great place to find out about prices, and I usually find some kitschy stuff that I can resell on Etsy that isn't worth much to the hardcore "antiquers".
Most of the things I bought, I can't take great pictures of in the current twilight. But I got this AWESOME orange rubber-covered egg basket:

We saw these weird and interesting dolls:

They scared me at first, but now they are growing on me. And this is the lady who makes 'em:

And I didn't buy this guy, but I wanted to sooo badly. Man oh man, I wanted to buy him. He was pretty big, though, and we have a tiny car.

I did buy this duck, though, and got a non-fuzzy picture (with a lot of crap in the background-apologies). It's certainly handmade, and it walks. It's blue and red.

 I'll try and post my other finds this week, as I photograph them.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Oh, Spray Paint, How I Love Thee

So, I had put aside a few projects to do in the garage if our Saturday garage sale pace slowed down. There was a lot to spray paint, which always makes me happy!
Here is a necklace that I probably bought from Target or Claires, many moons ago:
And I just spray painted the whole thing a turquoise-y slate-y blue:

Chain and all! I think it looks way better!!!

Monday, September 03, 2012

This Weekend

We had a garage sale of our own on Saturday, to get rid of some of the treasures our home came with. On Sunday, we went to one estate sale, to a lady who had passed that had collected lots and lots.
Two chicken egg cups, that say Fanny Farmer
This awesome cuckoo clock

Bambi planter

Can that would hold borax? I think?
I also got a gorgeous wire egg basket with handles and some Christmas stuff,
plus a couple of tins.