Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Can't Skate without "Kate"!
It's Katie's 30th Birthday month, and for the occasion she wanted an old fashioned Hot Skates Party!!!
But Hot Skates was closed...so we had a (new-fashioned) roller skating party at United Skates of America, which was different than Hot Skates, but had the essence of it...(yes, same rollerskatey smell). Colleen had declared the night to be 80s inspired, so we worked hard on our costumes. More than once I heard that our costumes resembled that of prostitutes, but to paraphrase Colleen :"I'd make a lot more money in a different outfit".
Here we are in our finery:
Mr. and Mrs. O came to hang, with Mrs. O skating, and Mr. O taking awesome pictures with my camera. I was not a great skater, so I definitely couldn't skate and take pictures.
Some of the ladies:
We are on skates here:
Photo Montage:
My creation
Afterward, we went out. It snowed. More than one person may have put on adult diapers over their clothes. There may have been a travelling private party. Kate's mom may have tried to hook us up with some young men. We definitely acquired some free beer cozies. People drifted in, people drifted out. A lot of people couldn't or didn't come. Some were sick. Some were too cozy in their houses.
We drank.
Kate danced on her chair for a little while. Journey was on the radio. Just a smalltown girl...
The bouncer came for her, though. She said to him, "I was expecting you."

And then everybody went home. Except the dirty stay-outs.
Kate, Colleen and I were left. We walked over to the diner.
All in all, a wonderful time!
Sunday, we went to the new outlets in Deer Park. Kate, Colleen, Alicia and I shoppyshopshopped at some outlet stores. I personally messed up the front display table at Ann Taylor where the ladies who worked there were more than a little snotty. We tried on hats. I tried to wear a moose sweater. We went to the Christmas Tree Shop, which I wish was a Shoppe. We ate at Ruby Tuesdays, where they convinced me to put my faith in them again. And, the man at Zales took out a bunch of diamond rings for us to look at. He said we could put them on, but Alicia said it's bad luck. I didn't put it on because my hands are like little sausage rolls. One of my friends says they are like the guy from that movie Willow. But the man put on one of the rings. It made his hairy knuckles look downright elegant. I don't really like jewelry. I think jewelry stores are boring. But I wish he had tried on a necklace and tiara to go with the ring. Anyway, it was fun. We had fun. I bought a lot.
So, to sum up:
To my friend Kate, who is one of the kindest, most generous people I know: I loveys you, friend. Happy Birthday! I will go roller skating every day! It is a wonderful form of exercise and ever so much fun!
And if you are bored, you should check out your local Christmas Tree Shop! You will not regret it, I assure you...


I said...

You have fingers like Val Kilmer?

feathermar said...

Please. I wish I had fingers like Val Kilmer. No. They're Warwick Davis...all the way.
Little Willow Ufgood hands, that's me.