Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Which I get a New Nickname

Picture 071
Went to Fire Island with Cat and Shannon and Alicia and Missy on Memorial Day weekend. Was fun and hot and beverage-filled. Note: If someone offers you Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier, take it! Take it and drink it and be thank me later.
I also walked around the beach with my spray on sunscreen approaching fellow pale-ys with the superhero words of "Are you wearing enough sunscreen? You are burning! Let me spray you!" I was like the Pope Of Sunscreen - "Close Your Mouth. Let Us (S)Pray."
Picture 008
Picture 073
The next day, Andy and me went to visit some of his friends and then went to visit some of my friends.
Picture 086
In Far Rockaway
Picture 100
In East Rockaway
Picture 109
With this guy
Picture 125
And this guy
Picture 141
And Miss Christine!
And then it was Ed's 40th surprise party...which I missed the surprise of!
But it happened and it was fun and I'll tell you more about it when I have time...but I'll leave you with this exciting new portrait:

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Picture 126, originally uploaded by feathermar.

James and my pops. Memorial Day. Jamie was running around and being a crazy person, but as soon as my dad picked him up he was all chummy and huggy and smiley.
Oh, boys.