Tuesday, November 09, 2010

In Which I Attempt To Sell

Well, friends, these are my wares. Some hand knits, some baby hats, some onesies and button magnets. And maybe there weren't a lot of people at this second craft fair, but I sold a couple of everything, and met some nice Tupperware ladies, and had the experience.

It was Miss Sarah Meagher's (Mrs. Sarah Burn's) baby shower, and I missed it, and for that I am sad. But I'm happy she's having a baby! And that Tine got to play with James!

The other thing: While I was making a little elephant wall art for Sarah and John's baby boy, I realized I had some tiny canvases. And so I made this:

I know. It's adorable. I am selling it on Etsy, but I may make a billion more to gaze upon adoringly because it is just so. darn. cute.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

In Which There is a Treat

heather 012, originally uploaded by feathermar.

My very favorite bagpiper, James William, on Halloween! I know. I know. It is so cute that you can barely, barely stand to look. He couldn't hold the pipes and the bucket together forever, but he sure did try!
Happy November!