Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A little Look at Our Life

Fairly happy baby - teething, drooling, watches the dogs move around, likes to watch the kids move around at Nanas - he smiles a lot!
Baxter, pretty much a lay-about. Always excited for food and drink and likes to pee on the fence, behind which a possum may or may not live.
Sophie has been sick again. She has an auto-immune disease that makes her back legs and jaw especially painful. The answer, unfortunately, is steroids, and everytime we wean her off she gets sick again. We are trying an immunosuppresent, too, but I've got low expectations. Steroids aren't great for her, but her quality of life without them is pretty gross.
Fingers in mouth, mostly.
Hanging with our puppy.
Every morning, Baxter gives Henry some Good Morning kisses!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Time Flies

Easter came and went, with a furrowed brow. He wasn't too impressed.
He's a smiley baby a lot of the time, though he is sick right now, with glassy eyes with purple circles underneath. Babies with a cold are quite pathetic looking.
Going back to work was surprisingly easy, because we have the best Nana-babysitter in the whole world. Quinn told me "Don't worry. We are going to take very good care of Baby Henry today." He is three and amazing. Baby Joe even loves the baby a little...most of the time.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

In which there is a baby

This is my Henry. He is six weeks old today. He is a really big deal. He's sort of blond with blue eyes so far, and he likes to eat and sleep. He was almost ten pounds when he was born and we are very lucky because he is a very nice baby. The dogs have accepted him into the family very easily and he is not bothered when they go crazy every day when the postal man comes to the mailbox. I guess he got used to their barking while he was growing in my belly.
So many people have been so generous with gifts, and we are so blessed with handmade items. I'll have to go back to work in a couple of weeks, so I'm trying to really absorb everything that's happening now.
So, it's hard and it's easy and that's weird. And we bought a minivan and that's weird. And some days I can't do more that put on new socks and feed myself and the baby and other days I can do 40 chores, make dinner, bake a cake, take a shower and do something nice for someone else. What's the difference between the first kind of day and the second kind of day? I have no idea. I don't know it when it's happening. It doesn't seem like it's the baby, it doesn't seem like it's me - I don't know. Whole days pass where nothing happens - whole days pass where everything happens. Interesting.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trying to Clean out

Before the bebe comes! We have a lot going on - potential house construction, a leftover Superstorm Sandy tenant (who lives in our basement, but should be moving soon) a new baby coming...I'm trying not to add to the clutter, but to take away! This means making sure everything is listed (maybe it will sell for the holidays?), making sure I don't buy MORE and trying to use what craft supplies I have on hand for all of the delightful baby gifts I have yet to make (did I mention that there are three new babies just born and another one on the way before my baby comes?).
So here are a few things you might not have seen that I have listed in the ol' etsy shop.
Wheaton, NJ tiny bottles

Murray-Allen tins!

Tulip candleholders!
I have also relisted any Christmas stuff I have lingering in inactive listings...Man, I hope this works. Our house is full of good-intentioned buys and many things that I thought I had sentimental attachments to can go right out the door - wish the weather was warmer, because I would totally have a garage sale...oh, well.
I did go thrifting with my best bud, Kate yesterday. I bought a couple of baskets for the house and a couple of sweaters to cover my giant belly, and a couple of records for my dad for Christmas. I restrained myself and the only silly non-useful thing I bought were two lego sets - both turkeys...hilarious.