Thursday, October 30, 2008

O Great Internet! Tell me what my costume should be...

You Should Be a Mummy
You are seen as exotic and mysterious. You keep people guessing.
You see Halloween as a time that you can defy expectations and show a different part of yourself.

You love to try to frighten people. You enjoy being a little creepy, especially on Halloween.
You enjoy breaking taboos and challenging what people are comfortable with. If that's scary, so be it!

Oh. Okay. A Mummy.
But wait! There's another quiz...
What Your Jack-o-Lantern Says
You are a naturally cheerful, happy go lucky person.
You're the type of person to see Halloween through the eyes of a child.

This Halloween, dress up as something cute - like a bunny.
The candy you should give out: candy corn

A bunny! Oh. okay. But we have FUN SIZE 3 MUSKETEERS, not candy corn (and not stank Snack size either).

Well. I'm not gonna be a mummy or a bunny. I'm not telling what I'm gonna be. But it involves tube socks. And I'm going to a party on Saturday...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Poor Cinderella
having to be transported inside that pumpkin. Having gotten a whiff of rotten pumpkin yesterday, I sympathize with her.
Yesterday, the gals (and one child and three boys) went pumpkin picking out on the island. Some of stayed over at Joe's PopPop's house in Peconic the night before (with Gail and Joe and Jack), and some of us just came out for the day.
Highlights include:
Turkey Hats! (brought to you by the O'Hara sisters)IMG_5523
We bought ourselves a kid!
Just kidding of course. This is Liam, who was entertained for quite some time in that shopping cart.
We picked pumpkins! Well, I didn't pick pumpkins, because I don't really like that sort of thing. I took pictures of pumpkins.
Liam runs among the "unkins!" Dude, he really dug the pumpkins. There was like a gadrillion, and I think he looked at three quarters of 'em. Maybe he'll be a farmer!
I got to wear my new hat! I felt a little like I should be selling newspapers, guv'nor.
The only lowlight was when one of the cars wouldn't start, but we all worked together to fix it!
Try to wipe off the corrosion. When that doesn't work, you pray to Baby Cheezits:
When that doesn't work, you call the AAAman:
but he totally fixed it! Yee Ha!

Great pics from the day include (but are not limited to):
Liam and Brain
Shannon and Cat
Katie and Joe
Alicia Kate and Colleen. There's something weird about this pumpkin lap thing.
And a swinging good time.
Then we ate lunch. Then we went to the outlets. I got some pants. I'm sure that sounds exciting. It was. I also got a little special something for me and Katie's halloween costumes. At the Nike outlet, cuz I'm athletic like that.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sunday Sunday...Can't Trust that Day...

We went to New Jersey for Richie's Half-Family Birthday Party this Sunday. It was fun to see Rich and Cass, but it was superfun to see Carter Meagher! She is hilarious, in my opinion.
Everytime she talks, her voice is just so...funny? so grown up? I'm not sure what to say. But she's like this little person with little people eccentricities and everything.
Here's Carter shooting the breeze with her Moms (yo.):
Carter assists the birthday boy in opening his presents:
The highlight of the day, though, was playing with "Carter's Cafe", a supercool (kewl?) box full of glasses and trays and menu pads and SUPERSWEET personalized menus of many of the special guest stars in Carter's life, including yours truly--Aunt Feath. Although I got Aunt Feath's fishy pizza, which though funny sounding is also funny-sounding, if you're picking up what I'm putting down... Anyway, Cass's friend Betsy made it, and though I have never met her, I'm sure she'd go on my Top 50 Cool people in the U.S.
Richie takes orders (and I have to say, though he was an efficient waiter he wasn't quite fast enough to suit Carter.
With all of her complaints about the service, Carter picked up the check for all of us...and I'm sure she didn't stiff her daddy on the tip.
Aunt Gail and Uncle Joe left after ice cream cake, but me and Pop decided to linger (we can't take a hint). So we stayed, and we all sat down and talked about Uncle Joe:

I'm just kidding. Actually, I asked Carter to tell me a story. There were a few characters representing from Little Red Riding Hood (sorry Cass) with the addition of a monster, named Tocu (sp?) who ate the big bad wolf. Neither the wolf nor Tocu seemed like very sympathetic characters to me, so I think she was going for a rather existentialist moment with her tale.
Next, her fazzer had to tell a story, which had to do with a little girl, four monsters (one of whom was pink), scare tactics and a sequel involving summer camp. The moral of the stories that I walked away with was : You can be pink, but you shouldn't be shy. And go poopies on the potty. (Although that wasn't mentioned, I think it should be plugged at every opportunity.)
In other news, Tom and Keri got married, and looked quite handsome and beautiful, respectively.
I looked adorable, as did all my lady friends, and we had a great time:
The end...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


My papa is known for his generous heart, his borderline obsessive organization, and his giant glasses.

He's also a supernice guy. I will tell you a little story about that later.

But it is his 70th birthday--today!


Me and Pops this summer.


Pops with Baby Seanie...


My award winning picture of Pop and Loch (Honorable Mention...whatevs)

Pop Carter and Loch

Pops reading to Loch and Carter back in the day...


Like Grandpa, Like Granddaughter...

Pops with me and Gail. I'd have to be around five, which would make Dad around 45. I think we were at some kind of fair...

At Aunt Jean and Uncle Bernie's after playing some poker. Mom and Pop must be around 45 or 46, as I still have long hair, which got chopped when I was seven.

Me, Gail and Pop with Aunt Jean's dog, Shannon, who I loved so much.

At the beach, Bear Camp Pond, with Gail, Richie and John. Before I was born

At Sue's wedding with Aunt Edith, John Feak, Sue and Dave, and John Mimnaugh.

Pops. In his younger years. Same bat glasses, same bat channel.

With my mom. 1984? 1985?


with his sisters, this year. And quite a few years ago, with Uncle Bill, as well:


And, just to prove that he's not the only one getting old:


Look at these young men from the Year of the Pimp Hat...

Happy Birthday to My Pops! You get a BirthdayTwoMonths, it is decreed!

Because, hey, you don't turn 70 every day...