Friday, August 31, 2012

My To-Do List

This birthday year (August 2 - August 1, 2013) I want to: a piece of furniture
2.retool the stools in our house.
3.Do something (sell, find a place for, get rid of)all of the treasures that came with our house
     we are having a garage sale this Saturday!!!
4.Make curtains for the bathroom
5.Make curtains for the kitchen
6.Make Baxter a bed
7.Make Sophie a bed
8.Treat our roll-down shades in our bedroom (maybe fabric, maybe paint?)
9.Buy a bookshelf for the bedroom
10.Hang art on the walls in the guest room/office
11.Paint one wall in the dining room
     We did it, Andy picked the color and taped it off, and I did the actual painting...
12.Curate the living room shelves
13.Find an awesome place for my bust (it's a bust of a lady, and I own's not my bust.)
14.Create a packaging table in the basement
15.Create a painting table in the basement
16. Paint the walls in the basement a nice bright white and re-seal the walls.
17.Create some kind of window treatment for the basement's tiny windows
18.Set up a small table by the laundry area for folding (maybe under the stairs?)
19.get new pipes and faucets on the slop sink.
20.Repaint both basement wooden chairs
21. Hang up a wall of pegs to hang totes on - maybe going up the stairs for now? Project totes too.
22. Find a metal or iron bench for under the tree in the back yard.
23. Deep clean carpet in living room and hallway.
24. Weave baskets for the shelving unit in Living room
25. create backings for some of the cubes in the living room
26. Make a table runner for the dining room table
27. build a farmhouse table?
28. Find a place for all of my beautiful craft books
29. Create a peg board, place to hang things in the basement
30. Spray the brass birdcage for the dining room
31. Find a display for fiesta ware for the dining room.
     We have sort of found a book case for some of my fiesta ware.
32. Create a list of 30 meals that we both know how to make that we both like to eat.
33. Decoupage the folding chairs in the basement.
34. Make an amazing wood-art wall in the bedroom, different colors of salvaged wood, like I'm always pinning on Pinterest.
That's it. 34 things for my year of being 34. Nothing too hard, just need some time to do it...

Monday, August 27, 2012

In Which I am On a Diet

I can't buy so much. I don't have time to list it. So, this weekend we bought:
These Naaman candlesticks - Two ladies - Naaman is a porcelain company in Israel - hand caste.
This maroon patent leather clutch, that has a hinged little handle!
 This tea tin.
Brass duck!
I also bought a couple of things to dye - which I'll take pictures of when I get a move on the dyeing part. I'm trying to list as much as possible, and we are hoping to have a garage sale on Saturday, so I'll have major moola for Brimfield!!!
Also, I have been watching repeats of Clean House and that guy Alan from Storage Hunters? He was the yard sale dude and had some crazy hair sometimes!!! It makes me happy!

Monday, August 20, 2012

In Which I Admit Something

IMG_5056, originally uploaded by feathermar.

I'll buy any tin I come across. I also worked this weekend, and do to unforseen circumstances, didn't get to go to ONE garage sale, thrift store, estate sale or yard sale.

It's sad to say that on a Monday.
But I spent the early evening yesterday going through things that need to be listed, so maybe I'll get ahead of what stuff I haven't put up and can list everything I have!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things That Sophie Ate

Sophie is 13 or 14 weeks old now. She's still pretty tiny, but twice the size as when we picked her up. She sort of sashays around the house, and I think she is ticklish on her belly.
Since she is a baby, I'm supposed to forgive her when she eats my stuff. If I ever have a human baby, I'm not certain I will even forgive THEM for eating my stuff.

I like my stuff, that's why it is mine.

So far, Sophie has eaten:
My pink plaid sneaker-flats (yes, they are were as cute as they sound)
My brown floppy hat (only worn one time)
One green placemat in a set of four
The brown plastic things that keep a bed from sliding
Black flats (just a little chewed)
My red leather sneakers (yes, also adorable)

So she likes shoes, and hats, but she also likes Andy's dirty socks (straight off his feet -gross).

You may say something like, "Well, Heather, don't leave your shoes around and she can't eat them." and I do!Put! Them! Away! Baxter, big Baxter, has learned to push through the catch on the bedroom door and breaks them both in! And she takes my stuff, like Swiper the fox! boo.

Monday, August 13, 2012

In Which There are Only Two Stops

Burns and Nat came for a visit this weekend, and my papa had some dental work, and so there wasn't a lot of time for thrifting and estate sales and garage sales and all that. Burns and I did visit one estate sale and the antique store that is ONLY open on Sundays!
Here's some of what I got:
an Uncle Bernie hand painted nursery wood art piece

Vintage wire basket

Miller studio chalkware fish

Claire Lerner California chartreuse planter

Unicorn mug, maybe by Takakashi? The label isn't there anymore

A Hall's Kitchen Pottery Coffee Jar without the lid. I think it would be an awesome utensil holder for someone with a plain kitchen.

Another Uncle Bernie wooden wall art piece.

There was one other thing we found this weekend, and I'm going to try to post about it later this week. It's my favorite collection, and I was super duper lucky this weekend! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

In Which the Brothers are Supportive

IMG_6739, originally uploaded by feathermar.

Lochlain stands with Seaniebear, giving him a "pat on the back" after the Bear allowed his first tooth to be pulled.

I guess it helped that his papa offered him 20 bucks.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

In Which We Went to New Hampshire

After spending some amazing family time with both my immediate family and my amazing extended family, I did a little antiquing!

I bought this amazing tin! I love tins - I know I've said it before...they are so pretty, even if they're a little rusty.

These look like walking ware, which is the only thing I truly collect. They are made by Enesco, not Carletonware. I think they are truly cute!
This is a Lefton Lady planter. She is wearing a pink dress with white polka dots, and I love it! I picked her up for very little money at a yard sale on the way home!

I'll post later this week about our family reunion!