Monday, October 25, 2010

In Which I Make a Find!

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What fell into my hot little hands this week? This coloring book, never used from the 1960s. It was only 10 cents at the time! And it's about going to the zoo. Awesome!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In Which We Pick Pumpkins!

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James and my Pop and Gail and Joe and I went out east on Monday and picked out pumpkins! We didn't cut them off the vine or anything, because that's just not our kind of fun (not that i'm judging those who go out to saw off their own gourds or trees or what-have-you). We took a little hay ride, pulled by a tractor, which James really enjoyed watching. We aquired some very teeny tiny pumpkins. It was a beautiful day out and super fun!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

In Which Michelle and Ron Get Hitched!

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Picture this: You're in the wilderness of Lake Taghkanic State Park. You are surrounded by leaves and fall and the smell of awesome outdoor things! And then you get MARRIED!
Well, that wasn't you, that was Michelle and Ron! And me and Andy were there and it was awesome!
The weather was perfect!

The centerpieces were handmade (origami flowers)!
The red velvet cake with vanilla (colored) icing was made by Valerie!
The ceremony was outside, wiccan and very beautiful!
Michelle didn't stay in her dress for long, but looked beautiful and happy!
We had a wonderful time!
And, for a minute...well, a couple of minutes, I really liked being out in nature!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

In Which I am a Bad Sister

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Did you know it was Richie's Birthday? Well, it was! And I, being a bad sister, did not blogwish him a Happy Birthday!
We do birthdays BIG in my house - it is a cause for giant special celebration! This is much harder to do when everyone lives a gabillion miles away and I am knee deep in weddings and work and all of the craziness right now!
So, I am belated and humbly wishing Richie a VERY Happy Birthday that was last week and not quite the big numbered birthday that will be next year! But I have bought you a present, Richie! I am ready for your birthday celebration when I next see you!

This picture is of Richie, the terrible monster, who imprisoned a princess, and is defeated by the hugs of the Prince, Princess and Very Brave Knight.