Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two weeks at a time

This week and last, on Fridays, I have gone to Goodwill. This week, I took my sister, and we bought some clothes (I just got a shirt), and I also got this butterfly:
It's a little trinket dish, made in Japan, just the sort of thing I love to buy and sell! Last week, also at Goodwill, I had picked up a couple of Alice + Olivia dresses, which, if you don't know the label, they are super duper expensive. When I brought them home, I tried on the bubble party dress, and I thought it would look good, but it didn't, so I'm selling it on Ebay. I also found a Fiorello clutch, that had the tags still on it, but I gave it to my sister to use at a wedding, so I took the tags off and I'm selling it used on Ebay:
I also picked up these Brandani salt and pepper shakers that I thought were older, but upon further inspection, I realized they were fairly new. I may sell them on Ebay, they've never been used.
I also picked up this Baas vase, which I thought was pretty:
And I got this owl napkin holder, which I've had and sold a resin version of before:
This week, I've set a goal to list one thing per day, totalling 7 for the week. I'm behind in listing, I'm behind in cleaning, I'm behind in laundry...I'm ahead in unicorn sightings, and I heard a lot of dirty jokes this week, so that's something...
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happiest when making things...

I've been using picmonkey to create printables for the library. I made this little note for my bear, and I think it is adorable. It's in a very small format here...but I have it in a larger one if you'd like to print it out yourself...
Things at work are the pits right now. I try to remember the great parts of my job instead of dwelling on things I can't change. One of the great things is that I get to make stuff all the time. That's awesome. Even if sometimes it's just flyers.

Monday, March 11, 2013


I will admit, I have not been working as hard at etsy stuff. I haven't been hustling, which is what you have to do. Maybe I've lost my mojo, or my love for it. I'm not sure...
I've been cleaning out the basement, and making bins for a one dollar, two dollar and three dollar table for my May yard sale. I think we're getting a little overwhelmed with things, and, if I'm not selling, then I can't be buying.
So for the next few weeks, until my May garage sale, I'll be hustling on Etsy and Ebay - to see if I can love it again, or I should try to get rid of as much as possible that I don't find to be REALLY beautiful or useful. I love planters, and tins, and always will find uses for them - it's just that I know other people will be so happy with them too!
I didn't buy anything this weekend, but I did buy things AFTER I posted last weekend.
This is a VERY dirty vase I found at the Only-Open-Sunday-store:
And this is after I cleaned it:
It does have some mottling, but I think it is big and Beautiful! It's a USA vase, and I think it's awesome.
Kidney Shaped Footed Brown MidCentury Planter
I also got this footed planter - Kidney shaped Brush - for sale.

I also bought another planter (surprise) and a piece of California pottery for a buck! sweet!
In other news, my dogs:


Saturday, March 02, 2013

Not Buying, Just Listing...Well, buying a little...

I've been trying to clean out some things. I'm not sure reselling is the best thing for me, anymore. So, I'm trying to dig deep into my reserves, get things cleaned and start mega listing. Here's some things I've had stored up:
A giant GIANT roll of vintage trim. Some of it's a little stained, but I don't think it matters. It's pretty thick too.

A McCoy apple planter. It's sold already, actually. About 12 hours after I posted it, I got an offer for it!

A Murano glass bowl. I've tried to sell it on ebay. I'm not sure if my pictures always come out unenticing because it's so pale, so I put it on some crazy fabric.

And yesterday, when I was not supposed to be shopping, I bought this Limoges bud vase for 4.00. Limoges! for 4.00!
Turns out it probably wasn't an amazing buy, but chances are made to be taken, right?
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