Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Usually, I would tell you about my weekend.
But I was in a BAD MOOD. Grr. Roar. Hulk-y bad mood!
So, here's pictures that make me happy:
Look at this mushroom. It is adorable and happy and I painted it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crazy winter weekends...
So, sometimes I'm bored.
But not lately. It seems that everyday is filled with dinner out, or a birthday party or...work...
This weekend was Shannon's 29th birthday!
We went out to the Blackthorn. I drank like I was on a mission. A mission that I completed successfully, I might add. Shannon had a happy birthday, and was almost not hobbling by the end of the night (she's got a...foot problem).
Then, on Sunday, was my friend Stephanie's Third Birthday! She was born the same day as my Lochlain-boy, a year later! She and her sister are my compadres. We know what we're about.
There she is after blowing out the candles, with her sister Theresa giving her a squeeze. She was really cute and happy, but towards the end there she was pretty tired. And me, too. I was pretty tired, even though I spent most of the afternoon making faces at this gal:
Giving you the hairy eyeballIMG_8364
Hilarious picture, if terribly unflattering of me.
And, making his well-dressed debut, Miiisssttttaaaahhh Paaaaaauuuuullliiieee LLLLyyyynnnch!
After Steph's rocking party, I went home and saw on Facebook (the biggest time suckage of my life) that Schmelly Melly was starting to pack up the apartment for the big move (fingers crossed) and so I offered to help! I was told to just come over, no packing necessary. So I did. And it was snowing--but I didn't care, because I'm the proud owner of two new tires full of traction-y goodness. The tires and the car are another story - the story of Thursday--a terrible day, so I will not bring it up.
But Schmelly Melly and Joseph the Fernt are the mom and dad of my arch nemesis, Aiden...the kid hated me. He would see me and start to protest! Melanie said this could be aleviated by me spending more time with him. I wasn't convinced. But then I learned something. This kid likes to have his picture taken! And, therefore, he was taken with me! No more nemesis!
I don't like you.
I like you just fine, Feather.
So, the truce happened and we hung out, and I went home.
Monday brought it's own excitement. We went to see our friend Joe in Willy Wonka Live, a one hour children's play put on by Plaza Productions. I see some subtle Christian overtones in this play, with Willy as God and Charlie as a surrogate Jesus. There was no Slugworth, but if there was he would have been Pontius Pilate. Veruca as Judas? Violet as Peter? I'm not sure where this is going, but I did learn that you should tell the truth even if no one caught you doing whatever was wrong, evil or against the rules. And sometimes, if you climb a ladder, you might think you're flying. But Joe was good, and he really carried the whole thing anyway.
Then Gail, Katie, Christine S., Sam and I went to Applebees for lunch and Katie came with Gail and I to pick my dad up at Laguardia. Whoo hoo. Then we went to Michaels, where Gail and I stood on line in front of a terrible lady who thought that people who didn't help her in Michaels were "fat and Lazy". I know you know what I'm thinking, karma-wise. I'm not supposed to say that stuff out loud anymore, it angers the universe.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Loch is Four!!!
Seriously? Look at this kid:
Don't placate me, Aunt Gail
Outside in the 1800s
Loch on the phone with Roly
Happy Birthday, Professor! Your bday present is in the mail from me and Aunt Flail and Uncle Joe! It was a little hard to track down!
I love you, munchkin head!
Me - "Loch, you're so stinking cute."
Loch - "I not stinking. I Lochlain!"

Friday, January 09, 2009

In Which We Talk About Valentines!
Not only am I a scrooge-y grinch, I am also a single scrooge-y grinch without the urge or wherewithal to date. But I do love to make cards, and I forgot how much I like to make valentines...
The people over at Fred Flare are going to sell Valentine's Day Cards that people send them, and the proceeds will go to ElderCraftsmen, and so I made some, since I was sick and not doing any thing else that remotely resembled fun.
Valentines for Fred Flare
Valentines for Fred Flare
These are two that I made, and I'm sure I'll make more when it is a snowy McSnowstorm out tomorrow night...boo. I hate snow.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Hit the Ground Running
Well, New Year, you haven't beaten me yet.
We went to Tommy's for NYE, and I stayed up super late playing Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock, which is quite different from Rock Band even though it is very much the same. I have no pictures from that night, as I was much too busy to even turn on my camera. This is what I remember: potato chips, keg of blue moon, sing, play drums, Dick - Clark - Happy - New- Year, play bass, pet dogs (Tommy has two cool greyhounds: Clyde and Ditty), play bass, "It's 5:30", play bass, "my eyes are burning?", "It's 6:30", time for bed.
Then on Friday, Kate & Flail & Joe and I went to see Seven Pounds with Will Smith and I cried. Well, Katie and Gail did too. It really couldn't be helped. It was good, but you don't have to see it in the theater. It made you want to be a better person. In fact, I probably didn't shake my old lady fist at anyone for the whole rest of the day...
Then Kate and I went to the gym, then to Target, then to her mom and dad's for dinner (yum!) then we went bowling! It was super fun. No pictures, yet again.
Saturday was a dead end, really...
But Sunday! Oh, Sunday! We went on adventures! Kate, Alicia and I went on adventures! I got to plan our adventure for this week, and I took us to the beach for FRESH AIR! My pops is sick and germy and I was really feeling cooped up. So we went to the beach:
And we took a LOT of pictures!
This is one of my favorites!
And we goofed a lot:
Tried to lean into each other...
but fell down.
And we met some cool people, including this dog, who's name I believe was Tofi:
He's a poodle. And was named after some kind of organic ink...
And then it was over and time to go home...or to Panchos Cantina for delicious skirt steak...depending on who you are.
We also hung out with Mr. Liam last night:
He will tell you about all things Thomas (which he pronounces to-MAS, like he's speaking Spanish and I love it!). All those tank engines with their claymation-y faces give me the creeps. But we had fun. Until it was time for a puzzle. And man, between me, Aunt Lishie and Liam we were able to piece it together, but just barely...That Thomas the Tank Engine is serious bid'ness.