Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In Which I'm Running Out of Time

Some weekends are lazy, I hear. But I haven't had a lazy weekend where I wasn't on the floor with the flu in a long long long time. I was running running running, but I did get to one estate sale on Friday and the ever-famous Only Open Sunday Afternoon store on Sunday.
I scored these angels:
They are tiny and like an all-blond choir-y spice girls.
 This rocking Royal Haegar vase is pretty awesome. It's a drip vase, and it is a very bright chartreuse:
 These ornaments were made in Poland and pretty much sold as soon as I posted them:
 I listed these bottle brush trees this morning and they already sold! I have to list the REST of my bottle brush trees. But I love them so! Maybe I'll keep a set...but I'd really want to keep about 100, and I only have, like, 20.
I think this picture is really adorable. Something about its tinyness makes me want to squee.
Happy week. I'm getting sick. This weekend I'm getting an amazing haircut, so I guess I'll see you next week when I look like a glamorous movie star...


Helen and her Daughters said...

I love the Angels, I found a set a few years ago and I just love them!

Thrift Shopper for Peace said...

those polish ornaments are lovely. great finds. hope you get better soon!