Monday, October 01, 2012

In Which We Learned a Lesson

So, though I didn't tank at my first antiques show, I didn't do great either. There were a lot of people there, but no one seemed to be buying much (not just from me, but from all of the vendors). It was a beautiful day, and so it certainly wasn't the weather.
One thing that was a wake up call for me : packing everything back up to bring back home. It was a long and sad process. I sold just enough to cover the price of the table, but they were all very tiny things, so I didn't reduce my inventory (and the space it takes up). Oh, boy.
So, now I have to make sure that I have everything listed on line. I have to go back to the things that aren't selling and take better pictures! I have to get my stuff in order. And it is way less fun than buying stuff.
So, things that I am listing this week, that I bought previously, but you haven't seen before:
Awesome Leather cuff

Orange enamel bowl, made in Poland

Very awesome, but scratched-up tin made in Great Britain

USA Turquoise vase - so adorable!
So, I've set a goal to list 5 things this week. When I sell a bunch of items (I'm trying for 10+, monetary gain not as important as space gain) I will reevaluate my system.
Etsy announced its Holiday Boot Camp, which is my cue to start listing all of the ornaments I've been hoarding, and the brush trees, and now I have to make decisions on what to keep for myself (though I may not want to chance Sophie eating them...)


mary said...

Wow that is a very good buy!


Heather said...

"Monetary gain is not as important as space gain...." SO TRUE for me, too! ;) I love all your finds, but especially that vase!

Anikó said...

Love the orange enamel - I've found a white one recently which I love and use ever since, and it looks just like yours with the black rim, but I'd love to come across a great colour like yours!

Good luck with the re-vamp of your item listings sounds like a big job!

Aniko via Apron Thrift Girl's linkie