Monday, October 15, 2012

In Which I Don't Have a Lot of Pictures of Stuff, But I have Some Pictures of People

I'm a little stressed out. Things are moving at quite a fast pace for me. I like to be busy, but I don't like to be busy and cranky, and lately I've been feeling that way - like I don't have enough time to enjoy what I'm doing, and instead I'm trying to force in all of these things I don't want to do. And things are hectic at my house, with schedule changes and trying to eat better (not going great) and trying to hang out and get a billion things done. But, it is what it is.
I went to the Goodwill Pound Store. Are you familiar with this? Van had mentioned it, and I knew I had to find one in our area. And there is one in Sunnyside! Queens! Pay by the pound! yayyayayayyyay! I was on my way on Friday, and my steering wheel was a little shake-and-bakey and I ended up driving to the mechanic instead for some costly repairs. Katie came with me on Saturday, though, so I had a partner!
There's etiquette there, special etiquette, and Katie and I had to spend some time to figure it out. You get a shopping cart, and then, if you are walking away from it, you drape a sheet or something over it, so people won't look through it! We violated this when we came in, and were a little bit outcasted for a while. They have some housewares ( I got a few ball jars), some bags ( I got 3! of the above flight bags from the British Overseas Airway Corporation), I got some clutch clutches, and a Guess dress, a couple of Brooks Brothers sport jackets (anyone a 42?) ties, and some pants. All of the clothes are unsorted, so you have to take your time and go through each bin. Then, all of a sudden, a dude says "Everybody to the front of the store" and you have to wait behind a red line while they put out new bins. Then, everybody runs towards them, grabs whatever they can, and brings their stuff back to their carts to go through. It was madness. And we loved it.
The night before we celebrated my Pop's birthday.

There were babies to kiss

Candles to blow out!

A human Jungle Gym (jungle andy?)

A fort to play in (a.k.a. under the dining room table)

And a birthday song!
Happy Birthday, Papa!!!


Crystal in Texas said...

Looks like you scored some good stuff at the sister and I wee in NYC last month to go see Roxette at the Beacon Theatre...we also braved the subway out to Brooklyn in search of the Brooklyn Flea which turned out to be a big empty lot...where it used to be held...and it was HOT! And the nearest subway station was CLOSED and we trudged in the HEAT! But overall it was a good trip...I'm sure I lost weight...

Anti Money Laundering said...

I love taking pictures. They bring a lot of memories as time passes by.

Laura said...

I WISH we had those up here-but now we have over priced junk from walmart like its high end :/
great finds cute kids

drollgirl said...

by the pound?! that is awesome! and i like that there is etiquette in place. GARAGE SALES could use some etiquette. yeesh!

Jeannie said...

That sounds so cool! I wonder if we have any pay-by-the-pound Goodwills here. And I'm curious -- did you lift sheets on other carts or neglect to cover your own to get you shunned at first? Love all the pix! Looks like the birthday party was super fun! And I love that your Dad played in the "tent" too. Very cute!

feathermar said...

Jeannie, my friend Katie lifted up the sheet to LOOK at it (the sheet) because it was part of a set she has that the flat sheet has a hole in! A lady looked like we had pulled down her pants or something!!!

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