Thursday, November 01, 2012


This hurricane was the pits. We have power, but many of our friends are devestated. The amount of water and trees and power lines is unbelievable. The amount of garbage and sewage and fall-leafy-crap is astounding. The gas lines, the crankiness, the food shortages, the un-powered - it makes it spooky and weird.
My family is safe. My friends are safe. We have many friends who are homeless, staying here until things start to even out. My papa comes for the day, but goes home for sleeping in his own bed. We have four dogs here, and I'm getting used to them all following me around like I'm their shepherd or something.
The library, where I work, is soggy, and has no power, so it may stay soggy for a while. It's sad to see so many people who I see every day, patrons or friends or neighbors, who are having such devestating life problems. The businesses were water damaged. The schools were severely water damaged. So many facets of people's lives are ruined, and it's hard to conceive.
Sometimes you feel like, "well, at least my job's okay" or "at least I have my home" or "at least there is running water". Well, a lot of people don't have any of these things - and kids who would've escaped the sadness around them at school, can't, because their school is a mess. It really stinks.
I'm lucky. I have my home, and am lucky enough to be able to open it up for anyone who needs it. I worry a lot, because my husband and one of our friends work for utilities, and so they are working really long hours in dangerous conditions (and to top it off, people seem to be mad at them!) I try to make sure that they have food when they come home, and clean clothes and stuff. I don't feel in control of anything, and my life is good, so I can only imagine the stress of people who are in trouble. My biggest hope is that gas gets here soon, because it seems to be the thing that people are getting craziest about, and I'm extra grateful for all of the people- utility workers, policemen, firemen - who are trying to keep everyone safe (even from themselves)

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Van said...

Thanks for the candid update amid the chaos. You're really kind to open your home and heart when your community is in need. Good luck with everything.