Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things That Sophie Ate

Sophie is 13 or 14 weeks old now. She's still pretty tiny, but twice the size as when we picked her up. She sort of sashays around the house, and I think she is ticklish on her belly.
Since she is a baby, I'm supposed to forgive her when she eats my stuff. If I ever have a human baby, I'm not certain I will even forgive THEM for eating my stuff.

I like my stuff, that's why it is mine.

So far, Sophie has eaten:
My pink plaid sneaker-flats (yes, they are were as cute as they sound)
My brown floppy hat (only worn one time)
One green placemat in a set of four
The brown plastic things that keep a bed from sliding
Black flats (just a little chewed)
My red leather sneakers (yes, also adorable)

So she likes shoes, and hats, but she also likes Andy's dirty socks (straight off his feet -gross).

You may say something like, "Well, Heather, don't leave your shoes around and she can't eat them." and I do!Put! Them! Away! Baxter, big Baxter, has learned to push through the catch on the bedroom door and breaks them both in! And she takes my stuff, like Swiper the fox! boo.


Cassandra said...

But look at that FACE! That FACE! how could you get angry with that sweet face?

The Triscuit's Dad said...

You have just admitted to being outsmarted by two creatures without opposable thumbs. Who eat socks and shoes.