Monday, August 13, 2012

In Which There are Only Two Stops

Burns and Nat came for a visit this weekend, and my papa had some dental work, and so there wasn't a lot of time for thrifting and estate sales and garage sales and all that. Burns and I did visit one estate sale and the antique store that is ONLY open on Sundays!
Here's some of what I got:
an Uncle Bernie hand painted nursery wood art piece

Vintage wire basket

Miller studio chalkware fish

Claire Lerner California chartreuse planter

Unicorn mug, maybe by Takakashi? The label isn't there anymore

A Hall's Kitchen Pottery Coffee Jar without the lid. I think it would be an awesome utensil holder for someone with a plain kitchen.

Another Uncle Bernie wooden wall art piece.

There was one other thing we found this weekend, and I'm going to try to post about it later this week. It's my favorite collection, and I was super duper lucky this weekend! Stay tuned.

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