Friday, August 31, 2012

My To-Do List

This birthday year (August 2 - August 1, 2013) I want to: a piece of furniture
2.retool the stools in our house.
3.Do something (sell, find a place for, get rid of)all of the treasures that came with our house
     we are having a garage sale this Saturday!!!
4.Make curtains for the bathroom
5.Make curtains for the kitchen
6.Make Baxter a bed
7.Make Sophie a bed
8.Treat our roll-down shades in our bedroom (maybe fabric, maybe paint?)
9.Buy a bookshelf for the bedroom
10.Hang art on the walls in the guest room/office
11.Paint one wall in the dining room
     We did it, Andy picked the color and taped it off, and I did the actual painting...
12.Curate the living room shelves
13.Find an awesome place for my bust (it's a bust of a lady, and I own's not my bust.)
14.Create a packaging table in the basement
15.Create a painting table in the basement
16. Paint the walls in the basement a nice bright white and re-seal the walls.
17.Create some kind of window treatment for the basement's tiny windows
18.Set up a small table by the laundry area for folding (maybe under the stairs?)
19.get new pipes and faucets on the slop sink.
20.Repaint both basement wooden chairs
21. Hang up a wall of pegs to hang totes on - maybe going up the stairs for now? Project totes too.
22. Find a metal or iron bench for under the tree in the back yard.
23. Deep clean carpet in living room and hallway.
24. Weave baskets for the shelving unit in Living room
25. create backings for some of the cubes in the living room
26. Make a table runner for the dining room table
27. build a farmhouse table?
28. Find a place for all of my beautiful craft books
29. Create a peg board, place to hang things in the basement
30. Spray the brass birdcage for the dining room
31. Find a display for fiesta ware for the dining room.
     We have sort of found a book case for some of my fiesta ware.
32. Create a list of 30 meals that we both know how to make that we both like to eat.
33. Decoupage the folding chairs in the basement.
34. Make an amazing wood-art wall in the bedroom, different colors of salvaged wood, like I'm always pinning on Pinterest.
That's it. 34 things for my year of being 34. Nothing too hard, just need some time to do it...

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