Monday, August 27, 2012

In Which I am On a Diet

I can't buy so much. I don't have time to list it. So, this weekend we bought:
These Naaman candlesticks - Two ladies - Naaman is a porcelain company in Israel - hand caste.
This maroon patent leather clutch, that has a hinged little handle!
 This tea tin.
Brass duck!
I also bought a couple of things to dye - which I'll take pictures of when I get a move on the dyeing part. I'm trying to list as much as possible, and we are hoping to have a garage sale on Saturday, so I'll have major moola for Brimfield!!!
Also, I have been watching repeats of Clean House and that guy Alan from Storage Hunters? He was the yard sale dude and had some crazy hair sometimes!!! It makes me happy!

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Bijou Sugar-Socks said...

love the brass duck!