Monday, June 25, 2012

In Which We Travel Across State Lines

Miss Kate and I traveled to the Elephant Trunk Flea Market in Danbury, CT. We saw a lot of stuff, and I had to re-apply sunscreen THREE times in about TWO hours! It was hot, and this pale girl was feeling the burn, even with my 70 spray and a big floppy hat! Here's some of what I got:
Lion salt and pepper shakers and a spoon rest!
Birthday candle holder birds. They are heavy, but I think plastic.

A Lego (Japanese company in the 50s) paper mache bottle topper - she looks grecian to me!
A blue and white Pyrex bowl! It is in PERFECT condition!

This truly adorable girl (chalkware, plaster?) bookend. I love her kneesocks and her hands! There's a sticker on the bottom that says "Given to Bette about 1930" and it is stamped "Genuine Lucas-Ware" copyrighted. She is my favorite thing of the day!
Then Katie and I stopped at some tag sales on the way to Cracker Barrel (we don't have them in NY, so we don't go out of state without stopping for some, even if it is not on the way). One was giant furniture (um, that's a furniture sale, not a tag sale -sorry to sound snotty, but it was FAR off the beaten path and only had TREMENDOUS furniture for sale), and the other was completely overpriced (a $40 pitcher, from your garage?). Then, we went to  a tag sale in a lady's basement and it was packed with all sorts of things! My best find?

Tons of vintage cards! In boxes! Never used! With envelopes! And they are AMAZING! Seriously, I want to send everyone to myself because they are so cute-adorable-graphically HAPPY! love love LOVE!
Then we had Cracker Barrel, and belted out Chicago ballads on the traffic-y way home. A magical Sunday, indeed!


The Recycle-ista said...

Love the lions! I was at an estate with a ton of those Lego paper mache women...wasn't sure about them at the price they were asking..but they were cool!

Where in NY are you? I grew up near Poughkeepsie. (there was a Cracker Barrel in Fishkill when I left about 10 years ago...not sure if it's still there?)

feathermar said...

I'm on Long Island! Fishkill is about the same distance as the one that is near Bridgeport, CT.

Helen and her Daughters said...

Lots of lovely finds, I love the cards. Not very often do you run across that many in the box and unused. Lucky you!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Love admiring at your great finds! I especially love thos vintage cards. Thanks for sharing!

The Thrifty Challenge said...

Those lion salt and pepper shakers are the cutest ever!