Monday, June 18, 2012

In Which Things are Tin-ny and There are Fathers!

I have bought a LOT of tins lately. I think that they are all so beautiful, and people love to buy them, either to house a special gift or to use on their desks or vanities. I think they're awesome, and I don't often see the same one twice!

This is a Rosenthal Netter planter. The colors are crazy vibrant! Lime-y green and bright blue!

And another tin! So cute!

Herman Miller his/hers poodles. Chalkware. Adorable!

 This dude. Is he a turkey? a Quail? I think he hangs on the wall. Maybe a sconce? A nosegay holder?

And Joe, my brother-in-law, a dad for the third time. I didn't take a lot of pics (running after two little guys) but I did get this one. Joe and Baby Joey. Happy Papa's Day!

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Heather said...

The Rosenthal planter is incredible. Great find!