Monday, July 02, 2012

In Which There is a Book!

IMG_5587, originally uploaded by feathermar.

This is the Star Edition of Stories That Never Grow Old by Watty Piper. The book itself is in sad condition, and I'm afraid I overpaid, but there are lovely illustrations inside! My plan is to take it apart and frame the tipped in prints to sell as nursery art. The boards of the book are super warped, and there is a lot of general binding damage...but the illustrations are so happy!
I didn't get ANYTHING this weekend because I was away for my sister in law's LOVELY wedding! It was 104 degrees, but all of the happy wedding emotions made it seem like a balmy 92 or something! It was quite an adventure with a beautiful bride, a handsome groom and an amazing old chapel with beautiful stained glass!

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