Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Which we found a new hobby

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One of my sister's in law's birthdays is in February, and I had decided to make her a necklace.
I don't know how to bead, or the tools required or anything like that. So, I bought all the stuff, and I have restrung the thing, like, 50 times, because I keep doing all sorts of things wrong.
Last weekend, at a church sale, I bought a beaded necklace for 1 dollar, and wrapped it around my wrist three times and was happy as a clam. Later that night, it broke all over my deck. When I was restringing it, and looking at the hardware holding it together, I had an epiphany! Paired with some web-based knowledge, I finally sort of got it!
So I restrung this one, and now have to get crackalacking on my sister in laws VERY belated bracelet. hmmm.

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JoKnows said...

I broke a beaded necklace recently, and my daughter has broken several beaded bracelets! It drives me nuts when the beads end up all over the place!