Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scanned Photos from Long Ago
While we were at Bill and Lorna's wedding, we were able to check out their superawesome guest book, which was a Shutterfly photo album with embeded pics, many of which I'd never seen before. I lurv looking at pictures. Old pics, new pics. I love love love it! So, Gail and I were talking to Kathy about how cool it was, and how cool it was to see Uncle Bernie, who died probably 20 or 21 years ago this month, I believe. I know we have different pictures at our house that his kids probably haven't seen or at least haven't seen in a long time, so I scanned some when I got home. Forgive the poor quality, friends, but some were very very tiny 1x1 inch photos!
Mike and John and Rich, perhaps from some past New Year's Eve.
My mom, with party hat and balloons and party face.
My pop, with a gigantic beard!
Uncle Gene (?) but you can see Uncle Bernie and Vin in the background.
Uncle Bernie and Aunt Jean, Kim and Laurie (at one of my bday parties)
By the size of those drinks, I'd say they're at the Woodshed!
At Bear Camp Pond
Meaghers and Cooks at the top of a mountain. My favorite times every summer were when we went on trips together!
Family picture!
You can see Billy behind me, happy to dig.
Uncle Bernie, Kathy, Vin, Ben, Billy and me!
I'll keep scanning for sure!
But it will have to be next week!
I've got a craft fair to prepare for!

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I said...

Seaniebear looks just like Richie in the first pic - and I love seeing Bill, Ben and Jer as little kids.