Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Into the Woods
Sometimes, you think is a good idea to go camping with all your friends. And sometimes, it's a great idea! Especially when those friends include Cat and Shannon, who will plan everything, buy all the food, cook all the food, plan all the fun activities, book the camp sites, and generally make sure everyone is safe and happy.
They also may give you a special penny because you've got a sweet face. (I got a special penny, so you can draw your own conclusions!)
Highlights include:
1. My butch camping vest! (Buffalo check plaid)
2. Bocce! And bocce disputes!
3. The Beach!
4. Catherine's French toast, BBQ chicken, BACON!, and delicious hot dogs!
5. Campfire s'mores!
6. Music debates!
7. Quick trip to the outlets!

Lowlights include:
1. Bocce accidents:
Katie made me a splint out of duct tape and sticks...
2. Burnt fingers (Can you tell how graceful I am?)
3. A stop, drop, and roll drill in case we had to escape puke or something worse
4. Thinking cars were going to run me over in my sleep.
5. My own crankyness.

But we had a superfantastic time, we were well-fed, we were unbuggy. Visiting the beach was nice, and if we had more time, we probably would have planned a visit to a farm as we saw a lot of pick your own peach farms.
I go camping in the woods for three days, not a bug bite. Last night I went to a barbeque for two hours--twelve bug bites.
Also, I will share with you a sight that is almost never seen:
Me, at six thirty in the morning. Me, at six thirty in the morning, awake and smiling. A rare sight, indeed.

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