Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Long Week (end) Catch UP

So, Gail had a little pool party for Seanie's birthday


In attendence were:








And Miss Mady!

Also Joe, Gail, Bean, John, Peepah, AnnMarie and Ams...and me.

Gifts, cake


and a wild running time were had by all.

I heard tell that some exciting things happened later, but as I was not there (some of us had to work), I cannot speak to them.

Wednesday, Joe and Pop went to New Hampshire with Jack the dog. Gail and I (work again getting in the way of fun) had sleepovers Wed. and Thurs. nights, and then we drove up to NH on Friday. After big debates about garbage, we left at 7 in the morning and got to our house before 1PM! John and Bean had gotten up the day before.

Joe and Gail raced Jack in the Fairgrounds cowpie pen (where we saw cow pie bingo!)


We went to my cousins Mike and Donna's house, where we played a terrible game I was terrible at, which I didn't even bother to learn the name of. I can only liken it to using the skills of a dart player to play basketball...

And we went swimming and we ate and I drank a delicious Hefeweizen or three...and we hung out with Aunt Jean and many of my cousins


and we listened to Ben and James play amazing music (because they are so stinking talented)

Saturday we went to Laurie and Kim's house. Saturday was also my actual big 3-0. Gail and Joe and I went shopping at the brand new Sandwich Emporium, which is a kind of handicraft, supergrooving store. I bought a hooded sweatshirt with a moose on it. I don't have a lot of moose wear, so I was pretty excited for it.
Here's what happened at Kim and Laurie's, though not necessarily in this order: fudge, Blueberry pie, hot dog, cheeseburger (cooked to perfection!), Magic Hat Sampler Case, chips, cookies, swimming, sitting, bocce, more chips, more fudge, more Magic Hat. And some pictures were taken. That's what I did, anyway. I'm sure other people played some sport-y activities (including basketball).
There was the ever-present, usually belly-flopping Splash Contest:
Splash contest
There was some ping pong:
We hung out with my Pop and his sisters, my Aunts Jean and Edith:
(and my Dad's hat)
The three little kids played so nicely together all day:
And I had a super great birthday! (And I got a lot of presents!)
self portraits
Sunday, Gail and I babysat for Loch and Seanie while their parents golfed. WE: went on adventure walks to look for alligators, took a ride in the car complete with singing concert, went to Peepahs and played with toys, went for a walk with Peepah to pick out special snacks at the corner store, had snack at Peepah's house,
went back to Kathy and Vincent's house, watched some tv, ran around ran around ran around...Seanie eventually took a nap, and McKayla and Lochlain ran superfast races! Then it rained really really hard. Then we had some delicious ribs and chicken! OH, Kathy's ribs! I could write a million sonnets to them. Then we played Wii Playground ( I love it!) and our house went home. Later, I took a ton of pictures of my mom's teacup collection and other stuff laying around our house. Joe and I wandered around the house looking into everything and trying not to bother Gail. Then, Joe found an old log of Gail's. My mom used to make us write a log (journal) while we were in NH for six weeks--I guess to improve our writing skills...or maybe to make fun of ourselves when we got older. Gail was pretty serious about her musical talents back then--she practiced her recorder all the time! heh.
I'll leave you with this image of the power hug:
My happy friends...adorable.
More about the things found in NH house next time!

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