Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thoughts on 30.
So, it seems I've been putting things off. Like, just about everything I've ever wanted to do. So, I'm 30. And someday is today. Tomorrow, Gail and I go to Rock Camp. And I learn how to play the drums. That's the first thing I'm learning to do this birthday year (8/2/08-8/2/09). Then, I'm getting my passport. I want to go to Newfoundland, Scotland and Alaska. I want to learn to weave. I have to see the puffins. I want to spend one month taking ten pictures every day. I want to reduce the number of things I own by a third. I want to learn how to tile stuff. I need new glasses. I got published last year...sort of. So, now that's off the table. And I took a pretty sucky writing class online. So, I did a couple of things I meant to do last year.
If you want in on any of these adventures, you let me know.

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I said...

You know you don't need a passport to go to Alaska, right?