Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two weeks at a time

This week and last, on Fridays, I have gone to Goodwill. This week, I took my sister, and we bought some clothes (I just got a shirt), and I also got this butterfly:
It's a little trinket dish, made in Japan, just the sort of thing I love to buy and sell! Last week, also at Goodwill, I had picked up a couple of Alice + Olivia dresses, which, if you don't know the label, they are super duper expensive. When I brought them home, I tried on the bubble party dress, and I thought it would look good, but it didn't, so I'm selling it on Ebay. I also found a Fiorello clutch, that had the tags still on it, but I gave it to my sister to use at a wedding, so I took the tags off and I'm selling it used on Ebay:
I also picked up these Brandani salt and pepper shakers that I thought were older, but upon further inspection, I realized they were fairly new. I may sell them on Ebay, they've never been used.
I also picked up this Baas vase, which I thought was pretty:
And I got this owl napkin holder, which I've had and sold a resin version of before:
This week, I've set a goal to list one thing per day, totalling 7 for the week. I'm behind in listing, I'm behind in cleaning, I'm behind in laundry...I'm ahead in unicorn sightings, and I heard a lot of dirty jokes this week, so that's something...
Stopping by the Thriftasaurus...

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The salt and pepper shakers are so cute! I have a blogiversary giveaway at L'Heure Bleue At Home. Come on over and check it out!