Saturday, March 02, 2013

Not Buying, Just Listing...Well, buying a little...

I've been trying to clean out some things. I'm not sure reselling is the best thing for me, anymore. So, I'm trying to dig deep into my reserves, get things cleaned and start mega listing. Here's some things I've had stored up:
A giant GIANT roll of vintage trim. Some of it's a little stained, but I don't think it matters. It's pretty thick too.

A McCoy apple planter. It's sold already, actually. About 12 hours after I posted it, I got an offer for it!

A Murano glass bowl. I've tried to sell it on ebay. I'm not sure if my pictures always come out unenticing because it's so pale, so I put it on some crazy fabric.

And yesterday, when I was not supposed to be shopping, I bought this Limoges bud vase for 4.00. Limoges! for 4.00!
Turns out it probably wasn't an amazing buy, but chances are made to be taken, right?
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Laura said...

NOT BUYING is my MOTTO this month--or so it seems--our thrift stores prices are OUTRAGEOUS--good finds!

L'Heure Bleue At Home said...

I've been digging through my cupboards and closets as well, trying to clear out stuff. Selling can be quite time consuming and, oftentimes, the stress is a bit much so I just make a donation to the thrift store instead. Of course, I end up going in and having a bit of a browse and end up finding things I can't resist!

Laurie said...

Very nice McCoy -- I'm not surprised it sold!

Jane Droll said...

lol. i tend to buy when i should be selling! i also tend to shop when i have the least money! argh!

best of luck with the sales!

i think i would try photographing the murano glass on a lighter/calmer fabric. that might make it show up better? maybe.