Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shannon turns 30!
And she did it in style...in Atlantic City.
I made the party favors- matching t-shirts for the ladies!
Shannon's was a big "S" with "30" on the back, and the rest of us had our initial Laverne and Shirley style.
Here we are spelling out "CASH".
All the ladies!
I picked black tshirts because white is very...see through and then you have to worry about special bra and dirt and everything.
Posse walks through.

I made Shannon wish before her 30 birthday began - so this is at ten minutes to 12.
Alicia and Shannon dance at the karaoke bar...
Anyways it was a fantastic birthday party, and we had a great time. Some won big...some lost a little...but my tshirts looked great. And that's what counts.
Happy Birthday, little tomato!

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