Thursday, January 21, 2010

Josef's September Girl

IMG_1574, originally uploaded by feathermar.

25 or so years ago, my mom bought me this figurine at a garage sale that she used to run for the Special Education PTA (the SEPTA). The garage sale was held in my driveway, and I can remember perusing among the wares, finding things my mother had not quite told me she was putting out to sell.
Anyway, as I have started a large purging in my life, I am selling this figurine, which is a collectible. My birthday isn't in September, so I shouldn't keep it. But it makes me a little sad, I guess.
And she sure looks nice in pictures, eh?


Fred said...

That makes me sad, Feather! It makes me want to buy it and give it back to you! Boo hoo!

-The Disorganized Librarian
(hint: I bake gingerbread cookies)

feathermar said...

Olesh! Hi!
I'm reading that book "Throw Away 50 things" which is about letting go of your stuff...and I have a lot a lot a lot of STUFF! Wait until I start going through my books...I have a feeling I'll cry on that one.

Bee said...

Just make sure you don't get rid of too many sentimental things! That will make you feel super sad. When I started to purge (b/c I was moving into a studio!) I decided to keep 1 or 2 meaningful things from each person in my life. Love you Feathy! Good luck with the de-cluttering!