Thursday, January 14, 2010

Begin Again
Already this January seems to be moving at a brisk pace and I'm forgetting to tell you things. Gail met the ever elusive Ty when Matt and Ty came up after New Years, and they took pictures and giggled together:

heather 022
That's Missy and Matt and Gail and Ty on Missy's awesome vintage couch, that is a truly sad color but an awesome shape.
heather 028
Katie and her mom and Joe and I went into the city to sleep over Colleen's apartment so we could go shopping on Sunday!
heather 026
She took us to an awesome Chinese restaurant that had a koi pond behind us, and I kept pretending they were coming to eat her...
On Sunday, we went to Penelope for breakfast and I would highly HIGHLY recommend it, because it was tiny and sweet and delicious and everybody was super nice.
heather 036
Then we walked against the wind against the cold into the heart of fun and frolic and profit--Soho.
Along with gabillions of stores, we hit the City Quilter and went back to M & J Trimming
After we drove home, I went over to Gail's house to see...
heather 042
Luke! Luke Elliot! That's our Luke under all that beard! He came to visit and meet Baby James and we got to meet his girlfriend, Chris!
This weekend: We go to Atlantic City for Shannon's 30th birthday!

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