Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day and more!
(Alternate title: Babies Babies Everywhere!)

Well, it was a weekend to remember!

Sunday: Go with Kate to Barntiques, in Moriches, which was a little village of antique stores. We ate at a place called Jimmy's Diner, on Route 101, and I had the GREATEST lunch of my life. It was roasted turkey and bacon on a roll with a side of brown gravy. I housed it, and I loved every minute of it. We learned of Barntiques from Auntie Q, who rode with us on a bus trip to Brimfield, MA the weekend before. She's a really nice lady, and I don't know her real name, but she had quit teaching and opened up her own antique shop which was her dream, and she is very cool. So, we shopped for the day and then came back. I went over to AnnMarie and Sean Lynch's, where there was a barbeque. And this is what I saw:






Mr. Paulie Lynch!


Gail and Baby Tristan!


Cass and Baby James!


Me, Pop and Tristan!


Maddie Boyon!


Aiden Vesce!


Stephanie Lynch!


More Tristan! (this time she's awake!)

Another Paulie Lynch! ( As I found out, a very smiley baby, and a bit of a ham! I like that.)

So, a lot of babies around --even though some appeared in the montage twice...

Among the missing (and missed) were my Loch and my Seaniebear, but we will see them soon, I am sure. And party like rock stars!

Then on Monday--Memorial Day, Gail & Colleen (and baby James) came with me to Bobby's new apartment in Babylon or West Babylon for a BBQ. I didn't really take any pictures, but here's a couple of Baby James to make up for it:





Yesterday's Sunday Adventures: Kate, James, Gail and I went to Cracker Barrel! And the Christmas Tree Shop! We had a great time. Don't be a hater. Be a celebrater!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

30 Things to Do While I am 30
I got 13 done...which isn't bad...

1. See the puffins in the wild
Well, we sure tried...too foggy every day. Those O'Hara girls were real troopers, getting up at 6:45 every morning of our vacation, trooping down to the docks...

2. Learn to play the drums

At Willie Mae's Rock Camp for Ladies!IMG_1941

With Gail and Gladys representing the Robo Poppins! Robo Poppins rock the hiz-ouse! It was the best time ever!!!

3. Learn to purl, instead of just knitting everything.
Did it. I still like straight knitting best, though.

4. Learn to knit in the round.

Not yet.

5. Learn to weave.
Found a class for this fall.

6. Take a full (read: semester-long) class in some kind of textile thing that I actually like.
Screenprinting at FIT, which was super -de -duper fun.

7.Make a quilt
Not yet.

8. Make my own clothes


At the MAKE Workshop in NYC. I learned to make a cool bag, a pencil skirt, and this dress, which I completely hate the fabric of...which I liked at one point. It is totally unfortunate, but I will start a new dress! And I have worn the skirt!
9.Be Kind, not right.
Well, I'm getting better?

10. Get my passport.

Not yet.

11. Get out of the country
Not yet.

12. Floss every day.

Yay! Well, mostly.

13. Ride on a motorcycle.

Not yet

14. Build a real piece of furniture
Not yet.

15. Learn to blow glass
NOt yet. But Port Washington's got a place.

16. Throw out 30 things.
Certainly did this...but I should throw out a hundred things next year.

17. Bake bread.
Not yet

18. Make from scratch: cookies, cake, lemonade.
Not yet. Well, I made mom's cookies.

19. Go on a decent road trip (more than 5 hours).
Maine maine maine. New Hampshire.

20. Write a book.
Not yet.

21. Get to Iceland.
Not yet.

22. Take a few tap dancing lessons.
Not yet.

23. Make a lamp or rewire a lamp.
Not yet.

24. Get new glasses.
Done. And sunglasses!

25. Start a savings account.

26. Get to Scotland.
Not Yet

27. Send 10 postcards.

Check check check--sent 'em from Maine to many friends. Couldn't send one to Carter because they didn't have an address yet.

28. Make something and sell it.

Signed up for September with my sweet onesies

29. Flatten my stomach
A little food poisoning took care of that pooch.

30. Go hiking for a day.
Not yet.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I can hardly keep my eyes open, but here goes:

We met Baby Tristan! She is beautiful! A wonderful (and hearty) addition to our big (and bigger and bigger) family, and of course a special ingredient to her own family of four. Cass looked wonderful (if a little tired), Rich looked good (if a little tired), Carter looked great ( if a little tired and unsure about this new edition) and Nama looked excellent. Grandpa was doing great. Aunt Feath could have used a little more rest. But I sure did like holding that baby! A few pictures were taken:
Gail thinks she looks like Richie, and Richie thinks she looks like Carter, but I don't think she looks like anybody. Anyway, it's too soon to tell.
I must admit, I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but I didn't want to disturb her when she was finally sleeping. Tristan had been having a rough day when we were there, and I got to hold her for a long time, which was awesome. I do likes me an angry baby. I work some of my magic upon them.
Tristan with her G-Pa.
Grandpa, Rich, Carter and I went outside and played. Well, Carter and Rich played. Me and Grandpa were pretty lame-o tired.
I love love love sunspot pictures. They make me sooooo happy! And she looks awesome, of course.
Carter and Rich played a crafty Three Stooges-type game or Laurel and Hardy or something. It was fun to watch. Super slapstick.
Then they performed in a circus. Richie was a clown! Carter was an acrobat!
I believe this picture well-illustrates the point.
Grandpa was the audience:
The end of the day included a train ride, similar to the Christmas train that appeared in our living room on Christmas day.
Carter drove the train, Daddy took the tickets, and Nama was a passenger. Good times.
We were happy to be there to meet the new addition, and we were grateful that they let us crash on their first day all home together in the house.
On the home front, Mr. James William is doing great. The most recent picture I have is this:
and this:
But I'm sure I'll have more to post by week's end. This little person is a LOT OF WORK and he's making everybody very TIRED but he is well worth it. And I like him very much.
I'm on jury duty this week and I loathe it. Listening to weirdo people's conversations in the jury rooms of Nassau County (where I'm sure there is a higher ratio or self-centered, selfish people) is my personal idea of hell. Right. Cheerio.