Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I can hardly keep my eyes open, but here goes:

We met Baby Tristan! She is beautiful! A wonderful (and hearty) addition to our big (and bigger and bigger) family, and of course a special ingredient to her own family of four. Cass looked wonderful (if a little tired), Rich looked good (if a little tired), Carter looked great ( if a little tired and unsure about this new edition) and Nama looked excellent. Grandpa was doing great. Aunt Feath could have used a little more rest. But I sure did like holding that baby! A few pictures were taken:
Gail thinks she looks like Richie, and Richie thinks she looks like Carter, but I don't think she looks like anybody. Anyway, it's too soon to tell.
I must admit, I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but I didn't want to disturb her when she was finally sleeping. Tristan had been having a rough day when we were there, and I got to hold her for a long time, which was awesome. I do likes me an angry baby. I work some of my magic upon them.
Tristan with her G-Pa.
Grandpa, Rich, Carter and I went outside and played. Well, Carter and Rich played. Me and Grandpa were pretty lame-o tired.
I love love love sunspot pictures. They make me sooooo happy! And she looks awesome, of course.
Carter and Rich played a crafty Three Stooges-type game or Laurel and Hardy or something. It was fun to watch. Super slapstick.
Then they performed in a circus. Richie was a clown! Carter was an acrobat!
I believe this picture well-illustrates the point.
Grandpa was the audience:
The end of the day included a train ride, similar to the Christmas train that appeared in our living room on Christmas day.
Carter drove the train, Daddy took the tickets, and Nama was a passenger. Good times.
We were happy to be there to meet the new addition, and we were grateful that they let us crash on their first day all home together in the house.
On the home front, Mr. James William is doing great. The most recent picture I have is this:
and this:
But I'm sure I'll have more to post by week's end. This little person is a LOT OF WORK and he's making everybody very TIRED but he is well worth it. And I like him very much.
I'm on jury duty this week and I loathe it. Listening to weirdo people's conversations in the jury rooms of Nassau County (where I'm sure there is a higher ratio or self-centered, selfish people) is my personal idea of hell. Right. Cheerio.

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