Monday, October 27, 2008

Poor Cinderella
having to be transported inside that pumpkin. Having gotten a whiff of rotten pumpkin yesterday, I sympathize with her.
Yesterday, the gals (and one child and three boys) went pumpkin picking out on the island. Some of stayed over at Joe's PopPop's house in Peconic the night before (with Gail and Joe and Jack), and some of us just came out for the day.
Highlights include:
Turkey Hats! (brought to you by the O'Hara sisters)IMG_5523
We bought ourselves a kid!
Just kidding of course. This is Liam, who was entertained for quite some time in that shopping cart.
We picked pumpkins! Well, I didn't pick pumpkins, because I don't really like that sort of thing. I took pictures of pumpkins.
Liam runs among the "unkins!" Dude, he really dug the pumpkins. There was like a gadrillion, and I think he looked at three quarters of 'em. Maybe he'll be a farmer!
I got to wear my new hat! I felt a little like I should be selling newspapers, guv'nor.
The only lowlight was when one of the cars wouldn't start, but we all worked together to fix it!
Try to wipe off the corrosion. When that doesn't work, you pray to Baby Cheezits:
When that doesn't work, you call the AAAman:
but he totally fixed it! Yee Ha!

Great pics from the day include (but are not limited to):
Liam and Brain
Shannon and Cat
Katie and Joe
Alicia Kate and Colleen. There's something weird about this pumpkin lap thing.
And a swinging good time.
Then we ate lunch. Then we went to the outlets. I got some pants. I'm sure that sounds exciting. It was. I also got a little special something for me and Katie's halloween costumes. At the Nike outlet, cuz I'm athletic like that.


I said...

Hmmm....well, that's very nice and all, but what is the story about Dad being a supernice guy?

feathermar said...

Here's a story:
I was (due to a strange course of events) in the bold o'donoghues one night, and a man started telling me about how much he loves dad, and then he cried.
On me. Just saying " Your dad is such a nice guy."