Thursday, October 30, 2008

O Great Internet! Tell me what my costume should be...

You Should Be a Mummy
You are seen as exotic and mysterious. You keep people guessing.
You see Halloween as a time that you can defy expectations and show a different part of yourself.

You love to try to frighten people. You enjoy being a little creepy, especially on Halloween.
You enjoy breaking taboos and challenging what people are comfortable with. If that's scary, so be it!

Oh. Okay. A Mummy.
But wait! There's another quiz...
What Your Jack-o-Lantern Says
You are a naturally cheerful, happy go lucky person.
You're the type of person to see Halloween through the eyes of a child.

This Halloween, dress up as something cute - like a bunny.
The candy you should give out: candy corn

A bunny! Oh. okay. But we have FUN SIZE 3 MUSKETEERS, not candy corn (and not stank Snack size either).

Well. I'm not gonna be a mummy or a bunny. I'm not telling what I'm gonna be. But it involves tube socks. And I'm going to a party on Saturday...

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