Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gearing Up for a SHOW!

I will be selling at a show this Sunday with real live antique-y people, and I'm super psyched! I think I'll be able to unload some stuff I haven't looked forward to posting, because it will be heavy to ship. Because I have to get inventory priced and packed up, I only went to a couple of tiny estate sales on Saturday morning, and tried to get through a long list of to-do's.
I dyed this bag:
When I bought it, I could tell it was really well-made. It had no tags, but the crochet and all the seams were tight, and it was stained and discolored with age. There weren't any rips or anything. So I got out my big giant dying pot, and bought some navy dye. Besides the bag, I threw in a white (ish) tshirt, tank, and one of my husband's white (ish) tees, figuring we'd be no worse off if it didn't work out. Everything came out great, including this bag, which I will be showing off at the show this weekend!

I bought this giant light, specifically with the show in mind. I'd never buy this normally, it's too big and I'm not really into craigslist or people coming to pick things up...but it's awesome. It's like, a foot and a half tall! The inside cylinder is glass, and the outside is metal. Sprayed a hot color? Awesome!

I also bought this little lamp, also only because I have the show. I do like it though, and if it doesn't sell, perhaps I'll have a new bedside lamp!
I also bought some cheap frames to spray paint, because it is my favorite. As my anniversary gift, I got a couple of new colors (I have an array already!), and I certainly like that more than jewelry or flowers!


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Great idea to dye that purse! I'm going to remember that one.

Anita said...

Lovely blog.