Thursday, June 09, 2011

Wedding Rings!

We have been shop shop shopping for wedding bands and the two things I know for sure is:

1) I know nothing about jewelry or metal or rings
2) Jewelry is hella expensive.

But you'll wear 'em forever, so you have to figure out what you like and what is for real and what is weird to you...and it's a lot of discussion in the very well-lit jewelry store...
So, we're thinking of these ones, made by a lady in Oregon. Awesome. Weird and awesome.


The Triscuit's Dad said...

Two words: tungsten carbide. Not as expensive as gold or platinum, and indestructable.

Although mostly for the boys, it seems.

Like the rings in the pic, though.

Anonymous said...

Love the rings! Good choice.


Anonymous said...

I've had tungsten wedding bands to replace our gold bands. It's definitely a good choice.