Thursday, June 16, 2011

Missing the Whales

heather 065, originally uploaded by feathermar.

This time last year, we were on the whale and puffin tour (well, in a couple of weeks). Maine is nice, but Bar Harbor is a great tiny town. We went two years in a row - me and Kate, bringing her sister the first year and my sister the next. We went antiquing, watched movies, drank beers, and walked an astonishing amount. We went so I could see the puffins, in real life. And, during the second year, I did see them.
But we saw whales too! I had seen Beluga whales at the Aquarium, and they look more like sea cows to me, so seeing the mama and baby humpbacks were exciting! They were so big, and it was so calm and everyone on the boat was excited!
And that night we went to a bar that served tater tots. So, tater tots + beer+ whales + puffins + lots of antiques = happy happy happy.

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