Friday, April 15, 2011

In Which We see the Lunar Module!

Two cool things about life and libraries:

1) The library has a pass which gave us FREE admission to the Cradle of Aviation museum, where we thought James would have a great time seeing the planes and rockets!

2) The pass saved us so much money we didn't even care that we pretty much ran through the museum and James was most interested in the movie (clapped ) and the people that worked there.

Everybody stopped to talk to him, since we were the only people in the place for at least half an hour. He climbed around and me, his mama and his grandpa had a great time! Later on, I stopped at one of our local schools to read a few books for National Library Week (I'm a minor celebrity among first graders in this town). Then we had an awesome roast chicken (yeah, Gail!) and some brownies (alright, Joe!). Andy came for dinner and James insisted on saying Andy's name a billion times (good on Andy! And James!)

Also, we saw a real lunar module, and that was cool. But it looked fake and made of aluminum, which made it cool and weird at the same time - like a craft project!

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