Monday, February 01, 2010

I Conferenced--I conferred?

So, this weekend I went to the SCBWI conference-- the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I thought it would be a big deal...but it turned out to be a really big deal. I mean, not for me. There were a LOT of people there, and some of them were super famous! I was able to hear (and later meet) Libba Bray, who won the Prinze Award this year. I was also able to hear Jane Yolen speak, and I told her how much I loved Pay the Piper. It was an awesome conference, and I learned a lot...and I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with all the information.
There were over a thousand people there-- from Australia, California, Washington and a gabillion other places. I was a little shy, which is unusual for me -- so I didn't really network.

In other news, I feel unwell. So this is me whining - whine whine snort whine. The End.
In other news, I didn't blog a Happy Birthday to my nephew Lochlain - like I normally would. He's five this year, and a strong willed five at that. Here's a picture of him from (probably) four and a half years ago:

So, Happy Birthday, Loch! Aunt Gail and Uncle Joe and Jamie will bring you your presents when they come to visit! I love you!

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