Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In a year when I started thinking about Christmas in October, I was still a last minute Annie
Highlights include:
Fabric Spray Paint - the results are too painful to share - and the quest to make the perfect Hawk and Dove Tshirts for my nephews, Loch and Seaniebear. They came out better than expected...but the boys didn't know what the heck they were. I saved my bacon by making them initial shirts (which were awesome gray shirts with blackwatch plaid letters - cuz I roll like that!)
James had his first Christmas, which was very busy, and he tuckered out his mom and dad for sure. He has been crawling all over the place like a mad man.
Seaniebear got some pirate hats from Aunt Gail and Uncle Joe:
We went over to Inez and Tom's for dinner (and it was soooo good!)
and played with James some more!
The next day there was a BATTLE OF THE CLAUSES! Clausi? Clauseys?
"I'm so embarassed! I thought I'd be the only Claus here!"
Lochlain, puppet mastering Superman! Isn't he so grown up looking?
Carter, Loch and Seanie hiding from the monster!
Looking for the scoop!
heather 016
Self portraits!
heather 042
Katie and I go into the city and buy uberwarm hats!
heather 079
The ladies put on a show!
heather 060
James wore stripes!
So, picture those things along with a gabillion other things and you'll know why I still haven't caught up on sleep!
But, I did get Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop on DVD! I know, don't hate!
One secret of the family:
Gail draws squirrels that look like beavers.


pictionary queen said...

bullsh** on the beaver squirrel comment

feathermar said...

I'll scan it and we'll have a vote!