Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to my friend Liam!

He is three years old today!
Baby Liam
Just home from the hospital! (With film!)
I think he was about three months old here. I helped to give him a bath. It was v. exciting!
Liam looks
Getting ready to go see Santa at the Malverne Xmas fair. All dressed up and not leaving yet.
At Aunt Lishie's house with a hundred ladies vying for his attention.
September/Octoberish of that year--teeth are a coming! Look at that long hair! He was going to be in an alternative band, I think.
Bath and a waffle during teething time.
Pumpkin stand!
At Peconic. He totally stuck his head between the pegs. But it didn't get stuck.
And today! Three Three Three!
Although, if you ask him, he'll tell you he's going to be the number 5. Erin says it's just because James the train from Thomas is the number 5 train, and he was having a James-themed birthday.

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brain said...

liam says thank you, he loves it....