Friday, February 20, 2009

Anti School Vacations (and maybe Pro-Consumerism when it costs very little)

I hate school vacations. I'm sure most public librarians also hate school vacations. The parents are so sick of the kids by the middle of the week that they dump them here at the library, where they can be entertained for a short time...but not a long time. And then we bridge out into Crazytown, which is my least favorite place to be.
All my friends are off this week, which is nice, because I have Wednesdays off, and plan adventures. Katie and I went to Huntington, in search of *MAGICAL* thrift stores to find the greatest. thing. there. ever. was.
And here's what we found:
An owl, which I will spray paint the crap out of.
This teacup, which was 99 cents (1.08 with tax!).
And the super greatest thing of all time!!!
Walking Ware Egg Cup!!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!
This was the second February adventure. The first one was a trek to Port Jefferson, where I took only a couple of good pictures:
A public phone! Who'd have ever thought we'd see that again, eh?
This Sunday, we go to an Antiques show in Cold Spring Harbor--mysterious things abound!

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