Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am a baker, not a cook.
Baking requires you to do one step at a time. One step, then the next and so on.
Cooking requires you to time everything so that it's all done together at the same time and there is no room for a margin of error (because then you have one part that's cold and one part that's overcooked and it's a lot of pressure, really.
So, yesterday, I tried my hand at mini lemon meringue pies. I have never a) eaten a lemon meringue pie or b) made a lemon meringue pie. I thought it would be harder. As it turns out, with the help of buying a lemon pie filling (that you still had to make, so it wasn't as easy as I thought), and awesome teeny pre-made philo cups (available in your grocer's freezer), I was totally able to make these:
I know--a little sloppy, but adorable. They are bite size, and I am assured by two people who actually like lemon meringue pie, that they taste good...
Do you know when you make meringue that it is just egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar? Seriously, cream of tartar could not sound more disgusting and fish-sauce-y to me. But apparently it is a stiffening agent or something...gross.
I also made that cake plate, cuz I'm crafty like that...and it's mcgorgeous. You can be jealous.
Since you make so much more lemon and meringue than would fit into those little cups, I took out some never used teacups, threw in some lemon and meringue, and baked 'em for a couple of minutes:
Adorable, if I do say so meself.
These would be adorable with chocolate pudding pie too. A little dollop of whipped cream...chocolate shavings... yum.

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