Friday, July 18, 2008


A conversation I had a few weeks ago:
"...well, it turns out he just fainted. Like one of those goats..."
My sister/brother-in-law/father/friends "Goats?"
"Yes, like the goats that faint."
"You're making that up"
"I swear that I am not. There are goats that climb trees, too. But I don't think they are the same kind. We talked about it at work. And looked it up. I'll send you the link"

So, here it is:

Wikipedia's Article on Fainting Goats

And the goats in trees are the third "Natural Phenomena You Haven't Seen", but the others are pretty cool, too, I think

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Cakespy said...

It's cute, sad and funny all at the same time!!! Poor little goats!