Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend of the Cupcakes

So, cupcakes are one of my favorite things in the whole world. We were talking about how the kids with the cool moms used to bring in cupcakes in a cone when it was their birthday at school. My friend Cat said she had never witnessed this phenomenon. So, of course, I made them for her birthday.
I have never made cupcakes in an ice cream cone. I assumed you just put the batter in the cone and baked it. On the box of rainbow funfetti cake mix I bought (bringing in the funfetti--I know) the directions said to put the cake batter into the muffin/cupcake paper cups and then put the cones on top.
So, I tried it both ways. Heh heh.
And, interestingly, the box did not tell me that the result of the ones placed on top would be:
It is like a hat...or a tumor. Terrible.
The ones that I poured the batter into standing up faired much better and were decorated beautifully with blue and green icing. I used my favorite icing tip, good ol' number 22.
The other thing is, you only fill the cones halfway, so instead of making 24 cupcakes, you can make a zillion cupcake cones! Or 24 cupcake cones and 8 regular cupcakes (which is what I did).
And since the birthday girl is fairly shy, I am submitting a picture of her super wonderful dog, Tara, who allowed me to take tons of photos of her (for the price of one pretzel):
Then, Sunday, I made some cupcakes for my friend Theresa's birthday. Theresa turned four years old, and loves pink. So, I made pink (vanilla) and brown (chocolate) cupcakes which were beautiful! I toot my own horn aplenty! And they totally tasted great, and I took a ton of pictures because I think all cupcakes are beautiful.
Up close:
Oh, yeah, and a Happy Birthday to my little Bones:
She's so old!


I said...

T-Bone is a perfect amalgamation of her parents - though I think she looks more Lynch-y than Greco-ie. I wish someone would make ME cupcakes.

Cakespy said...

I look upon this phenomenon so fondly --they were totally what the cool kids brought to school for class parties. I have always wondered what made them popular--were they featured on a cake mix box or something back then? I am going to assume so (based on your funfetti reference--the other keystone of a cool kid's party back in the day). ;-)