Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So, what it comes down to is this:
I'm disappointed.

I thought more of you.

And, you padded again, this time in Gail's favor. I know for a fact that 270 people did not vote in the past two days.
Hang down your heads, Card Sharks.
You are a fly-by-night game show. (Aside to Mark Goodson-thanks for dumbing down America--you should've had a disclaimer about your play-on-words that everyone took seriously).
A sad, misheard repetition that keeps going and going and going,
perpetuated by people like my sister.
I have written to those foolish idiots at (the only "dictionary" to back up Flail's crazy claim), and asked them just what kind of cheap labor they get to write their fake dictionary--twelve chickens? Twelve monkeys? An industrious four year old with decent hunt-and-peck skills?
I cannot help but wonder about the education of the Gen X kids...what happened to you?
So, with a ridiculous vote of 188 out of 270 votes, Cardshark wins the poll.
But America loses.
Hopefully, for those of you who voted for the WRONG word, you look smarter than you are.
You may think I'm being harsh.
But I'm just being right.


Carter's Daddy said...

Here's the thing: card sharp is great, but archaic. It sounds like something a 1940s guy would say, like Family Guy's "Fast Talking High Trousers". ("Well, aren't you a pocket full of firecrackers!") It may be because of the game show, but card shark is now the way it goes. I don't see why you need bring the "TV is the end of all civilization," French-style correctness to this. New phrases (and changes to old phrases) come out of the culture, and here one came from Jim Perry. Sorry, man.

I said...

I am going to make you a Card Shark t-shirt. But will it be embroidered or iron-on?

feathermar said...

Card Sharp is archaic? Archaic? Archaic is archaic. No, Richard, you and the rest of the crazies don't just get to decide that something is out of use and we will instead substitute something that sounds modern--Flitchard?
And Flon (formally known as John), you are also full of poopsies.

The WINNAH! said...

It is not often that the stars align, the seventh moon is in the house of Jupiter, and my brothers' and I agree...but that day has come and I am relishing it. I respect Feath's fierce protection of the English language and reply, Thy will be done my lady, I shall try to stop using pronouns that are "modern" and use the ones of yore. Silly of me really, to teach the children of today to say, "Would you" instead of "Wouldst thou". I apologize for taking liberties...unless you happen to agree that perhaps somethings change over time in our language and phrases get added and morph as they are used through the years and across the country.