Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's the thing:
We've done it again! The Meagher girls are having a dispute, and getting everyone else involved!
Here's how it started: Carter puked on a rainbow shirt. I said I'd make her a new one a certain way, Gail said that was not a smart way, why didn't I make a rainbow shirt Gail's way? I said, "Why don't you make one your way?"(imagine it all with a lot snottier of tones). Gail said, "Maybe I will". And here it is: Meagher vs. Meagher. Or Meagher vs. Beyrer. I cannot reveal the ways of the shirts, as that would be giving away too much, Gail says.
So one of us made Rainbow Shirt Number One:
One of us made Rainbow Shirt Number Two:
We have, supposedly, asked you to vote for whichever t-shirt makes you feel happiest inside. Whichever one is, in fact, better. Now, you could take this as: which one is better for Carter, which one is better for you (should you enjoy the occasional rainbow shirt), which one is the's pretty much up to you!
We just ask that you vote.

Now, this may not be as vicious as the old "fussbudget vs. fussbucket" argument, but it does involve closes on Sunday at 11:00AM EST.


I said...

I voted for Shirt #1.

Gail said...

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting process!

Ed said...

OK, I'm voting, on the condition that details of shirt creation methods and makers will be revealed along with the results of the poll.

I'm guessing who is on which side of the poll, want to see if correct...

feathermar said...

To come on Sunday, Ed.