Sunday, March 16, 2008

As you can see, Gail was responsible for Rainbow Shirt Number One, an Iron-On Transfer design. That T-shirt received 62 out of 151 votes, 41.1 % of the votes. I made Rainbow Shirt Two, which was hand embroidered. I received 89 out of 151 votes, which was 58.9 % of the votes.
I will say, though I only voted once, there may have been some padding, so I cannot in good conscience, accept this victory.
We did present them to Carter today.
Which one won?

The Play-doh Fun Factory!

Yeah. Carter didn't really care. I guess she forgot about the rainbow t-shirt. She did, however, remember about the "trowing up". She was super cute. Gail and I got to decorate tiaras, while Grandpa and Uncle Joe received pens with feather plumes and heart-shaped sunglasses, respectively.


Also, there was some feather-boa-wearing.




And Pops took us to Friendly's for lunch, where I took what could possibly be the CUTEST PICTURE EVER!


At the end of the day, we played a little play-doh, we saw a little dancing (Cass knows how to cut a rug), and then we went home:


Thank you for your votes. Since Gail and I both received tiaras today, along with feathers, you may picture us waving grateful and graceful waves to you from a balcony with long sparkly dresses.

You like me, you really really like me.


The other sister said...

I congratulate my sister on her well-deserved win. I voted more than once( for both of us- it got a little addictive watching the numbers rise and playing with the percents) and am not ashamed to admit it. Heather put in more time and effort on her shirt and I am glad she won. I do maintain that the iron-on was nice and achieved a similar outcome with a lot less effort which is what the argument was about in the first place. In conclusion, it is totally true about the play-do factory. But I thank everyone who participated for giving Heather something to be right about. It's about darn time!

I said...

Considering I personally padded the Tshirt #1 with 20 or so votes, you cannot be surprised that someone else padded the other side (I gave T shirt #2 2 votes).

Cakespy said...

ha! The padded vote makes me laugh :-) But truly, what an affair--those boas are giving me a smile on a very dull and rainy grey St. Patricks Day!

Anonymous said...

You guys are truly adorable!!